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My Work
With a combined love of photography and travel, Allison's Letters was established in the spring of 2008. From far away destinations such as Italy and England, to locations closer to the home and heart like Auburn and Tuscaloosa, these are not just merely photographs in a frame. My greatest hope for each piece created is that it not only looks beautiful hanging on your wall, but that it represents good memories, favorite places, and adventures that have yet to be experienced. Thank you so much for visiting my site, enjoy your stay!   -Allison

A Few Customer Comments

"I have Allison's beautiful work displayed in my kitchen right above 3 family pictures. I chose to put it in the kitchen because this is where our family gathers the most and we would be able to enjoy it here."

- J. Church
Birmingham, AL

"Every time I walk into my daughter's room I am met with memories of places in my past and am so grateful to have such a meaningful and beautiful work of art to share with her. My E is from Auburn, the M from Montevallo, and the Y is from Pelham."

- Kate
Pelham, AL

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE our piece from you. It was my very favorite baby gift, and it just makes Brooklyn's room so beautiful and special...."

Columbus, GA

"The wonderful piece you made for our daughter is the centerpiece of her nursery. Designing it in person with you meant so much and I smile everytime I look above her crib."

- Brooke
Birmingham, AL

"We are the proud owners of four of Allison's pieces. They are all very special to us. Each piece has pictures that were taken at some of our most favorite places. We have our last name done in letters all from Auburn, which is where my husband and I met. Our daughters names are done in letters from our favorite vacation spot. They are hung over their beds and really make their room look great."

Hoover, AL